söndag 7 oktober 2012

Two upcoming litters

We will be blessed with two litters this winter in our cattery

The first litter will be between Dwagie and Teddy ( Aura Cute Shoulder Dragon and Aquariusphnx Ted E Bare) and expected colours are:
Females: blacktortie, bluetortie, white
Males: black, blue, red, creme, white
The kittens may be tabby, with or without white and they may be mink or pointed.
White kittens can have yellow, green, blue or odd eyes.

The second litter has Cameleon and John as parents (GIC S*Bare Essentials VII Cameleon and Aura Something from the Nightside) and the expected colours here are:
Females: blacktortie, red
Males: black, red
Kittens can be tabby, with or without white and they can be sepia and mink.

If you are interested in a kitten from any of the combinations please do feel free to contact us at isabelle@bareessentials.se

Pictures of the parents can be seen below :)

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